"Free us from what is evil"

Summer activity for children (10+)

July 1 – August 31


The fear of witchcraft was great in the 17th century, and therefore people used special marks as protection against all evil.

During the summer holidays, children and their adults can go hunting for the secret marks in the museum.

The activity is free when the entrance fee is paid.

The gate to the museum in Sortebrødregade 1 is adorned with a magical mark, namely a so-called Christ monogram, where the letters IHS are intertwined.
They stand for the Latin words “Iesus Hominum Salvator” – in English: Jesus, the Savior of men.

Exactly that monogram was in the 15th and 17th century carved at many a gate entrance or worn as decoration on rings and other personal objects.

 Many half-timbered houses are adorned with two large crosses, the so-called Andreas cross. They are decorative but also protect against “Evil”.